How Computer Science Contributes to Society


Computers have been here since the 17th Century. Before modern computers or even machines, the word 'computer' was used to describe people who calculated by hand as a profession. Some of these people went on and became computer programmers during the time period around World War II, and made a large impact to our modern society.

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the study of data and the computation of data. This can include topics varying from algorithms to the relevant computational machines.

There have been many recent development in Computer Science, and it is rapidly growing as a field. The popular branches of computer science are often buzzwords that we hear all the time in our everyday lives. For example, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Robotics have been three of the most popular areas during recent years. Just as an indicator of how quickly Computer Science is growing, the worth of the AI industry is expected to increase by USD$80 billion till 2024.

How is Computer Science applied in the modern society?

On this website, three ways - Education, healthcare, and predicting catastrophes - in which Computer Science impacts our society will be discussed. Computing and technology in general assists education in various ways has made teaching more efficient and convenient. It also promotes the spread of information in the form of the internet. As for healthcare, the use of computer science is even more prevalent. Some examples of this would be medical imaging and patient monitoring. Computer Science is also applied to predict and prepare for natural disasters. For instance, CAT scans can be used to predict wildfires.